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100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference 100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference
100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference
  Why Attend
  • Discuss best practices and new research results with
    more than 2,000 cutting edge professionals

  • Exchange key information on the state of the art and practice
    in business, science, engineering and public policy

  • Hear about successful risk management practices in
    the public and private sectors

  • Collaborate with the foremost experts in earthquake
    engineering, geology, and seismology from around the world.

  • Work with 200+ policymakers and elected officials from
    California and the nation to better protect our communities.
Video highlights from plenery sessions:
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100th Anniversary Earthquake Conference Press Conference:
Managing Risk in Earthquake Country:
The top ten action agenda and a summary of Charles Kircher's recent findings.

When the Big One Strikes Again: Charles Kircher's recent findings on estimated losses due to a repeat of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake (PDF)

Tables for the Charles Kircher report.
Figure 1
, Figure 2. (PDF)

View '06 The Next Great Quake Video
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Large Video (700 kbs)

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Thank you to Amit Chourasia, lead developer of the San Diego Supercomputer Center for contributing his time and talents in creating the visualizations for the '06 The Next Great Quake Video.
  • 100+ technical sessions led by internationally renowned experts and scholars

  • Tutorials developed just for teachers and the business community

  • 25 exciting field trips that bring home the realities and science of earthquakes

  • Sign up early - seating is limited

  • A scenario that looks at how the San Francisco Bay Area would fare if a 1906 earthquake hit us today

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  • Participating meetings are Centennial Meeting of the Seismological Society of America, 8NCEE by EERI, Disaster Resistant California and the Association of Bay Area Governments' General Assembly (ABAG)

  • The next 10 steps our communities must take to avoid a catastrophic disaster.

Managing Risk in Earthquake Country
Jointly by:
DRC Seismological Society of America EERI For Addtional Centennial Related Events:
An Affiliation of Earthquake Scientists, Engineers, and Emergency Managers.
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